I teach several courses at the graduate and undergraduate level in the fields of metamorphic geology, field geology, and deformation. Courses taught over the last 3 years include:

  • GEOL 2006: Field geology I
  • GEOL 3006: Field geology II
  • GEOL 3207: Introduction to metamorphic petrography/petrology
  • GEOL 4307: Polyphase metamorphism and deformation
  • GEOL 5207: Topics in metamorphic geology

Graduate student research supervision

PhD students

  • Carol-Anne Généreux: Structural and metamorphic history in the South Range of the Sudbury Igneous Complex: Controls on low-sulphide PGE mineralization. [co-supervisor: Dr. Bruno Lafrance] Supported by the Ontario Geological Survey.
  • Taus Joergensen: Evolution of the Sudbury Igneous Complex contact metamorphic aureole and constraints on anatexis. [co-supervisor: Dr. Michael Lesher] Supported by Vale and Glencore through the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation.

MSc students

  • Jacqueline Huggins: Geophysical and geochemical property measurements in drill core, Victoria property, Sudbury, Ontario.
  • Judy Lam: Characterization of metals and potential for metal mobility during metamorphism, Lalor deposit, Snow Lake, MB. Supported by HudBay and NSERC-CRD.
  • Kelly Malcolm: Gold mineralization in the 58N zone of the Archean Detour gold deposit area of northern Ontario. [co-supervisor: Dr. Daniel Kontak] Supported by Detour Gold Corp.

Former students

  • Craig Fitchett: Metamorphic phase equilibria of hydrothermally altered rocks, Noranda district, Abitibi subprovince. MSc, graduated in 2013 [co-supervisor: Dr. Harold Gibson] Supported through NSERC-DG.
  • Joe Petrus: Mineralogical, chemical and isotopic evolution in impact bombarded rocks and minerals. PhD, graduated in 2015 [principal supervisor: Dr. Balz Kamber]